startup-593327_1920We offer innovative and cost-effective solutions for our clients. We will help you build a comprehensive insurance plan that protects your business while understanding the importance of working within your budget.

General Liability– Covers any injuries or damages that occur on the company premises.

Professional Liability– Protects a company or business owner from financial losses incurred from a formal lawsuit.

Commercial Property– Covers damages from perils such as theft, fire or natural disaster

Excess Liability– Provides additional limits on the underlying policy

Package Policies– Combines coverage for multiple perils such as liability and risk

Contractor’s Equipment– Covers equipment and tools in the possession of a contractor. Offers protection from perils such as theft, vandalism, or natural disaster.

Workers Compensation– Provides wage replacement and medical compensation for employees injured during the course of employment.

Commercial Flood– Protects the business and all the possessions and equipment from damages from a flood.